40,000 primary teachers to be recruited

Published: সোমবার, জুলাই ৬, ২০২০

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education is going to recruit around 40,000 teachers for primary schools across the country next September as soon as the coronavirus situation becomes normal. A total of 40,000 teachers including 26,000 pre-primary and 14,000 assistants will be recruited across the country. Secretary of Primary and Mass Education Ministry, Akram Al Hossain on Sunday informed the matter. He said if the situation improves somewhat, the recruitment process may start next September. The age for children’s admission to the pre-primary school was set 4 while its duration is two.

The secretary said there are about 14,000 vacant posts of assistant teachers in government primary schools in the country. New teachers will be appointed in these schools. In all, the Department of Primary Education has been directed to start the recruitment process of 40,000 teachers together. He also said that since one pre-primary teacher post has been created in each school, teacher recruitment activities will be started soon.

On June 16, the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education sent a proposal to the Prime Minister stating that the pre-primary period is two years and the age limit for admission is four years. Pre-primary level government primary schools are providing one-year term education for children above five years of age.


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