PPE distribution among journalists in Kuakata

Published: শুক্রবার, জুলাই ১৭, ২০২০

Security materials including PPE and masks have been distributed to journalists in the Kuakata stadium to prevent the menace. Friday at 11 am, Kuakata Stadium This protection material is distributed with the help of Professor Dr. Wahab Minar. The chief guest was engineer and journalist leader Md Kamal Hossain.

The president of the Kuakata Federation Nasiruddin was present at the ceremony of the revolution, which was attended by the general secretary of the dumaki press of the sultan and the executive editor of the online news portal Sagargirl, Md. Mojibur Rahman, joint general secretary Shahidul Islam Merdha, Dumki Yugatra representative Sayful Islam, executive member Arif Hossain and former president of the Kuakata Federation, A.M. Mizanur Rahman Bullet, General Secretary Kazi Saeed, Senior Vice President Alhajb Quddus Mahmood, former General Secretary Mo. Mizanur Rahman etc.


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