Sulaiman succeeds in cultivating Saudi dates in Shariatpur

Published: শুক্রবার, জুলাই ১৭, ২০২০

The Saudi date garden has created a stir in the small Kachna village of Garpara Yu Niy, a small village in the Gosaihat sub-district of Sharyatpur. Solaiman Khan. The trees have become more useful for date-palms this year. The green colour of the garden is also catching the eye of the people. During the current season, some of the trees in the garden are planted with bees and dates.

Solaiman said that 2019 sa le er ma ma she brings seeds to the first may soo the Arab thee in the interest of her friends. P. Ga Jipur collected The Saudi date palms from Nor Sindi and planted them on 2 bigha fields on the back of the house. Prath May is looking after the trees as she does. Later, on the advice of the Agriculture Department, he was able to take care of the trees and plant them. Pashapa Shi Narsa is in Rio. The date palm tree is being sold at Narsa Rei for Rs 500-1500. There are currently about 4,000 palm trees in his garden.

He thinks that the will and the hard work of man can turn the wheel of his fortune. He is working hard with his passion in this garden. Small Kachna Gra Mer Kanchan Chowddha Ri B Len, ‘Amer Gramer Solaiman is cultivating the date palms of the sou dir. Some of the dates are also washed. Think about it, take the tree from Solyma and plant a mio palm tree. No, Gerpara U Nion’s ward 2 is a good place to be. Humayun Akon B Len, ‘We are the ones who grow dates to give the za ni sou. And that date palm is the palm of our gra. He comes to see the palm trees and the date palms. Solyma ner see de khi gra mer more farmers are getting fed on date tea. ‘

“Saudi dates are usually good in the desert areas,” said Kolan Kumar, deputy district agriculture officer of Gosaihat. So it is difficult to get the desired results in our country. However, planting these varieties of plants in high dry land in our country, especially in the bale-dosh soil, can be a great fruit. The palm-tree garden of Solaiman Khan in the small Kachna village is suitable for palm cultivation. “With the cooperation and long care of the agriculture department, the plantations have now become trees,” Ti Ni added. The garden has started to catch dates. The pasapa shi date palm tree is done by the tree. Many in the region have expressed interest in the cultivation of Saudi palms.

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