Distribution of Ansar-VDP saplings in Galachipa

Published: সোমবার, জুলাই ২০, ২০২০

On the birth anniversary of the birth of the father of the nation of The Gulachipa of the district of Muzaffarnagar, the tree plant was distributed among the members of Ansar-VDP on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

On Sunday, at 11 pm, the members of the Office of The Ansar and VDP office of the district of Aanagar, the Upazila Ansar and VDP instructor Moha. Suman Hawaladar. In the initiative of the Grand Director, three trees were planted between members from the offices of Galachipa Ansar and VDP in the district branch of the district of Mapur, Saidon Howladar said.

The call of Mujib year is three and a half trees, with the slogan “100 forests, fruits and medicinal plants distributed among the members of the plant in the city.” We are paying the members Tk. 10 for the cost of the planting and Tk. 10 for transport, he added.

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