In Dashmina, a road worth Tk 10 crore sank in the Tentulia river

Published: সোমবার, জুলাই ২০, ২০২০

The paved road, built under the Climate Fund in the 10th district of Thesis, is a river that is not going to go for nearly two years. Locals reported that the authorities had not taken the time to build the roads despite complaints of widespread irregularities and corruption in the respective departments during the construction of the Paka road.

According to local and related sources, the construction work under the Coastal Climate Regiment Infrastructure CCR, I, is completed by the Local Government Engineering Directorate LG, at a cost of Tk. 10k of the World Climate Fund for sustainable development, from the gossal market of the Union of The Union of The District to the 10km Pakroad Road in March 2018 under the Coastal Climate Regiment Infrastructure CCR, I, I.P. Climate Project.

Locals said the road was a bridge to the water development board along the River Tetulia. There was a dispute between the LGED and the Water Development Board at the beginning of the construction of the road. Md. Hassanuzzaman, the engineer of the Water Development Board, said the road was a bridge built by the Water Development Board. Later, LGED built a paved road there. P.M. Rayhan Badal said that the construction materials of the construction of the building were of a good quality and that the road was constructed in an unplanned way and the massive demolition was carried out.

This is why half of the road has been submerged in the river after two years of construction. I made written complaints to all the concerned departments but the concerned authorities did not take my complaint into account. Currently all traffic is stopped on the road. Meanwhile, the Upazila LGED office has reportedly built a road in the district of Badaun, named md Jamal Hossain. However, the LGED office could not provide details about the company.
In this regard, Upazila engineer Md. Jahangir Alam said that he heard about the road going into the river and informed the senior authorities. The Deputy Executive Officer, Mosa Tania, could not be reached for comment on the possible contact with the police.

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